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We started using Poland Springs 5 gallon bottles 6 months ago and purchased them at our local supermarket. The first bottle cost $6.00 (for the bottle) and $5.99 (for the water).

Every week since then, we returned the empty bottle and got a full bottle for $5.99. Today, we attempted to return the empty bottle and receive $6.00, having decided to change our water source. We were told that there is no way to do so unless we purchase another bottle of PS water. Poland Springs Customer Service tells me that they never used the word "refund".

Instead, because they love their customers so much, they are providing an "exchange" service for the bottle that I now own.

Clearly their clever Marketing Dept found a way to increase profits and their Legal Dept found words to make it legal. But, in truth, this is a fraudulent practice since the whole process appears exactly like a traditional bottle-refund.

Product or Service Mentioned: Poland Spring Bottle.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

Monetary Loss: $6.

Poland Spring Cons: Being tricked into buying a bottle.

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I drink Poland Spring water on a daily basis. I purchase the 24 package when it’s on sale.

The last package I bought has a foul taste and odor, especially after it starts to warm after being refrigerated. I’ve tried a few bottles from the package with the same disgusting result. I have two other cases that have yet to be opened.

I would like some sort of compensation and answer. Should your cases be recalled?