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Hey all..

So, I’ve always been super picky about bottled water. I refuse to buy the purified types because I could just drink tap water if I wanted that.

But anyway...my SO always buys the cases of 16oz PS and,while I prefer another brand, I drink it because it’s supposed to be spring water. Normally, the taste is pretty clean but our last case is disgusting. When you first open the bottle, it seems fine but after putting the cap back on and removing it to take a sip..it smells like acetone! Now...the last week or so, I’ve been having stomach issues and figured it was most likely due to stress or something but after reading the comments on here and realizing that I’ve been chugging these waters, daily, to try to counteract my stomach upset but just feeling worse and worse..especially after getting a whiff of the chemical smell (it has made me *** enough times that I’ve started to spill out the water from the especiallystrong smelling bottles so as to avoid regurgitating)..now I’m starting to wonder if it’s the water making me sick.

Has anyone heard of any tests that have been done on these bad “batches"? Is it the water that’s contaminated or is it the plastic leaching chemicals??

I have decided to go out and purchase my own water to drink until this case is done, in the meantime. My SO has a pretty nonexistent sense of smell so he doesn’t notice it as much as I do and considering bottled water isn’t cheap, it would be a sin to completely waste all of it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Poland Spring Bottled Water.

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