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I'm a truck driver and I live in New Jersey and it's pretty hot out here and I went to go buy Poland Spring 1 gallon and I first I didn't smell Nothing But The Taste had the plastic chemical after I took a drink from it and then I smelled it and I can also smell the plastic chemicals. It wasn't really expensive but it was enough of spending $3 which came to be the problem for me so now I need to go about how to get my refund from whoever is responsible because that's unacceptable to me

Product or Service Mentioned: Poland Spring Bottled Water.

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Completely agree..we bought 2 -40packs of 16.9oz bottles from BJs wholesale club and both cases were contaminated with something...my wife and I both thought maybe it was a fluke so we continued to drink it...I'm getting it tested.. Poland springs better pray to God that there's nothing in there to harm my wife....

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