I purchased a case of 16 oz water bottles at BJ's. We got down to the last 10 or so of the waters then they started to have a chemical aftertaste.

Some worse than others. We would try one, then end up throwing it away. I am on a different case now and it seems to taste fine, but I will probably start buying a different brand. It almost tasted as if that end of the case had sat in front of car exhaust and it soaked up the taste.

The plastic is so thin on them that if they are exposed to any foul environment, the water absorbs the surroundings. YUK

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Hooksett, New Hampshire

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Last night we opend a new case of water and it smelled and tasted like chemicals, not happy at all, makes me question how fresh this water really is


I just threw out a 6 pack of Poland Spring water. Not only did it taste bitter but when I left it open overnight the water turned GREEN! Never again.m


Agreed I bought mine in Manalapan nj at uncle Gino’s it tastes like gasoline. I thought it was my taste buds at first but my hubby and daughter had the same thing.

Now I’m worried for her. We threw the rest of the case out


I have the same issue stank taste and odor from the one gal containers ,bought at local beverage dist.on Long Island ny


I am having the same problem so far 7 bottles out of one case taste and smell like gas or some kind of solvent. I didnt drink them. I going to send one out to be tested.


Same here in New Jersey. Bought it at Costco and ShopRite and they both have a dad bad taste


Same here. Bought mine from a Stop N Shop. Chemical metal taste.


Gallon jug of Poland Springs chemical taste in Woburn, MA


Same thing happened to me!! Bought a 40 pack at BJ's in Taunton MA last week.

4 out of the 6 bottles so far have had the bleach/chemical taste. ???


Had the same thing also bought from bjs


At my mom's in NJ and I just opened a bottle of Poland spring had one sip and my mouth is filled with an awful metallic taste. My mom was complaining about the same thing and thought it was her.

Thanks for posting this. Sounds like there's a problem Poland spring!

I hate bottled water anyway as it sits in the plastic absorbing the chemicals. I usually stay clear of it but this is not ok.


Water taste like chlorine bought 4 cases from bjs since December waste of 40$ every single bottle take worse and worse I don’t know what’s going on but it’s disgusting i hope this doesn’t get me sick


Bought a case of 40 poland spring water bottles at BJ wholesale club. There is a chemical smell on the bottles and the water tastes like chemicals.

It's gross. I have purchased this brand at the supermarket and it was fine.

Something is wrong with this batch. Thinking it's time to try another brand...


I have it delivered to my home and as you I am experiencing the same chemical or detergent type of taste that is in a few bottles and not in some.


Maybe it's a BJ'S thing.. I just had the same experience with their 5 gallons polar water..

Tasted like rotten chemicals.. That's why I'm reviewing Poland springs


I had same problem with Poland spring cases purchased at walmart and shoprite. Water taste fine when first opened. Within hours it has a chemical taste /smell.

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