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At work, my coworker and i were supplied poland spring water bottles. I was the first to open and drink mine. I noticed it smelled and tasted odd, some strange mix between vinegar and salad dressing. Initially, I ignored it, as it was a busy day and I needed to focus....
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Feeling the exact same way and when I brought it to the attention of the distributor their comment was, "It has a minimal after taste" WHAT???? I will NEVER buy Poland Spring ...


Poland Spring Water Review

Every case we by of Poland Springs water has at least 2 to 4 bottles with pinhole leaks. We never had a problem before this past summer. This is very discouraging and has caused us to consider another brand.
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Just bought two gallons of Poland Spring at a gas station, where I usually don't buy the gallons of Poland Spring water at. Opened it and took a sip: Taste's like plastic, chemically, and smells weird. I'll keep buying Poland Spring gallons but never from this gas...
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If the water bottles are dirty on th outside I am seriously worried about possible contamination on the inside. If a warehouse is that filthy filling my bottles that may explain why I got sick within days of these water deliveries! I had to clean the machine, it was...
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Water Bottle Review

Strange brown Carmel colored tendrils all inside of the bottle, resulted in hours of cleaning it out of the unit! Fast forward 5 months and today we got new 3 gallon bottles even the shape is new, the water tastes and smells of plastic! What is going on here?!
Customer service is a joke! Delivery times very unreliable. Can't even get rid of them as promised--had a specific time frame for pickup of cooler and bottles and they then changed it to a time I couldn't be home. Over the years their water containers have been dirty,...
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