York, Maine
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Poland Spring is running truck after truck 8,000 gallons full out of my town. It is atrocious!

The trucks run double time at night. We are experiencing a drought in our area and local wells are running dry because of Poland Spring. Nestle is the parent company. Boycott!

Boycott! Boycott! Poland Spring and Nestle are parasites that need to be removed from our collective bodies. This is big, unabashed, unashamed USA business.

I recommend doing the research and see what Nestle has done to other communities like mine where they come in with promises of growth and economic prosperity, when what they really want is to run your town dry, then move on to the next. Boycott Nestle, boycott Nestle, boycott Nestle!

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"I recommend doing the research "

1-People aren't going to do the research

2-With the dog/dog presidential nonsense going on people are distracted. Probably the reason all sorts of things like this are going on while people are watching the circus.

That said, why not do the research for people, spend $.99 for a domain from Godaddy and build a blog.

It's not that hard and a great way for YOU to spread the word and share YOUR research.

Good luck!!!


I'm... so sorry!

Been buying gallons of it for years for the coffee maker, and had no idea Nestlé bought the company, nor that the water no longer actually came from a spring.


I feel responsible and if it's any consolation, I bought a Brita pitcher for the moment, till I find a better solution. Goodness, I hope Nestlé doesn't own Brita!

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