Bayside, New York
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Billing Practices

I’ve been getting deliveries for over 20 yrs from Poland spring. 2 months I decided to open a online account find out later I have 2 accounts with them .

My original account plus the the online account. So I tell Poland spring to cancel the original account and keep the online account open . I find out 2 months later there was a balance on the original account that was closed. Poland spring is now getting around to charging me for a delivery from 2 months ago from the original account.

Poland spring claims they had a clinch with the auto pay computer system . Why am I just finding this out now and getting billed for it now ?

Weather I received the product or not o should not be billed for something that was there error because of a computer problem on there auto pay. There was no resolution to my satisfaction So after 20 yrs of doing business I closed my account.

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