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Im mortified. My young son was drinking a bottle of Poland Springs water (from a 24 pack ) he nearly swallowed a clear strange ball. What is this? Is he in danger? Is it toxic? Please answer me. What if he had choked?
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Update: My son played a terrible trick on me. He had gotten this thing called an orbies (not sure if that's spelled right) and put it in his Poland Springs water bottle.

He then proceeded to tell me that he had nearly swallowed it and that it had come in the bottle. I immediately called Poland Springs back and let then know about the prank he pulled on me. Poland Springs took my report very seriously.

They took down all the information I gave them, offered me a shipping label so I could mail the bottle in question and another bottle from the case so they could test it, and offered to reimburse me for my purchase. Sorry for any confusion my review may have caused.

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Poland Spring is running truck after truck 8,000 gallons full out of my town. It is atrocious! The trucks run double time at night. We are experiencing a drought in our area and local wells are running dry because of Poland Spring. Nestle is the parent company....
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"I recommend doing the research "

1-People aren't going to do the research

2-With the dog/dog presidential nonsense going on people are distracted. Probably the reason all sorts of things like this are going on while people are watching the circus.

That said, why not do the research for people, spend $.99 for a domain from Godaddy and build a blog.

It's not that hard and a great way for YOU to spread the word and share YOUR research.

Good luck!!!

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