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I purchased your water ...the first couple of bottles were awsome. The next morning I took a big gulp from the next bottle I was horrified!!

I wanted to throw up!!! I do not think I will never be able to buy your water again! The bottles were packaged in a Poland Spring plastic wrapping. So I was unable to view what was in the bottle before I took my drink.

There was no off flavor, the solids in my mouth made me spit the water out. I believe I may have swallowed some.

I have since switched to Nestle pure life. I hope the you are able to trouble shoot your equipment and fix the problem.

Product or Service Mentioned: Poland Spring Bottled Water.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $100.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Poland Spring Cons: Smelly water with particles.

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This looks like a case of someone buying something and not knowing what they are getting. Just a couple minutes on their website shows this to be a company that collects and bottles water directly from natural springs in Maine.

What you see is probably sediment from the bottle sitting. It happens.

When we were kids, we used to get our drinking water from a brook behind the house.

To make sure there was no dirt in the collection, we ran it through a tea strainer.

Think of this water as organic water. No filter, no chemicals.


WHAT?! Do you even know what “organic “ means?

There isn’t any “natural springs” in this country anyways. I don’t know how old you are , maybe you got water from a “ brook” in the early 1900s but there shouldn’t be anything sitting in a bottle of paid to be purified water!


I’m seeing a lot of what you write all over the place, as being untrue. Is it your daily hobby to criticize with-UNHELPFUL comments,?

when people are looking for Serious consumer help. Your clogging the articles with your useless complaints against other consumers! What I see, is you complaining of people calling you out , and some for your misleading information that you’re giving .. -Not as if they’re doing you harm ...Come on now, you’ve went so far as to say ,stalkers .

really? And suppose some are. Maybe you shouldn’t give out your personal information. How many other blogs and websites are you doing the same thing?

Are you bored? You should not report false statements against other people like this! ....Shame on you! You could be in big trouble yourself!

Especially when YOU seem to be the BULLY in most cases. Ohh yeah! And if you really read the “terms of service“ , you would understand why this, pissedconsumer.com -website. Does not filter all of YOUR complaints!

Obviously you don’t know the “terms of service” So,,— I speak for all of us out here , who want true -HELPFUL -information. Not from jibber jabber Jaws like you ..Go back and read before you click that “I have read and agree” box !

LADY -fingers or whatever your name is . (And I’m rolling my eyes right now )Haha