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We like Poland Spring sparkling water and we drink a lot of it - but the new bottles are very unstable and very unsatisfactory. They are top heavy.

They fall over in the refrigerator and are easily tipped over on counters. They look pleasant enough but they are not at all practical. We never had any problems with the old squatty bottles. They may not be glamorous but they work.

Why did you change something that did not need to be changed?

Also the bottles are not easily crushed.

If you are going to change the bottles, at least address some of the other expressed concerns! Bring back the old stable reliable bottles!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Poland Spring Bottled Water.

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Perhaps you haven't heard the latest. Rather than spend alot of money buying water of unknown origin and quality in a bottle from a store you can just go to a faucet in your home and get water from that source.

You can even fill a container, etc.

with this water from a faucet, put it in the fridge and have cold water whenever you want. Just a thought for your edification.


unless you live in flint mich

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