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This is crazy. I call "'customer service and the recording states they are having higher than usual call volume???? Seriously.

What is this Comcast?

They don't give you an option to hold, leave a message or anything. They push you to the website. So I sent them a message because my office is out of water and they were suppose to deliver on Friday the 25th of May. YES, 7 days ago.

Haven't heard a thing. Where is everyone? Did everyone drown in the spring water?

If you can't reach anyone, I guess you can't cancel the service either. I feel trapped and a little irritated too if you haven't already been able to tell.

What is going on with this company?

Product or Service Mentioned: Poland Spring Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Same here, Finally got off the phone with customer service (once I was able to get through!) and they were no help. Not apologetic and just said they are having operational issues and working on it.

My office was supposed to get delivery on 5/30 and they have changed the date 3 times, was supposed to get today, but signed in and they changed delivery to Monday.

This is unexpectable, no communication to the customers about the issue. Comcast-like customer service must be catching to other businesses


Same here. Very surprised that their service is so ***


same to me from May 31 to June 8, still waiting!!!!!!!!

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