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Poland Natural Spring Water Review

Your cheap *** dam bottles tipped over on my new Mac Cumputer!! Make the bottom of your *** bottles thicker like they use to be!! Unreal how cheap you guys are, can you send me a check to pay for my brand new Mac? $1200.00 - you can not even set your bottles on a table without falling over!! Come on!!! 411 Locke heights Rd Bangor, pa 18013
Bangor, Pennsylvania

Poland Spring Water Review

I bought a 3L bottle of poland spring water. It tasted like a plasticy chemical water. The texture felt different than normal water. Distgusting. I also felt sick sick after drinking it. What is in that water or plastic to make it so nasty? Walmart water tastes better than this.

Water Bottle Review

I am very pissed when I saw an add on my water bottle that said "Want home delivery?" "You can get Poland Spring delivered to you're home. Visit" so I visited the website to try to get delivery && it said sorry we do not deliver in you're area. Well then don't post that on the bottles if you Indeed can't deliver everywhere.

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