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Mandarin Orange water was my only beverage for many years. I cannot stand the orange flavor water they replaced it with.

I bought my usual batch of 8 liter bottles of the new orange water, thinking they had just changed the name of the flavor. Well, I'm most of the way through those bottles, and I don't like that horrible flavor any more than the first sip. There's no way they actually tested this flavor with their customers.



I'm switching to another brand, even if I get just plain sparking water. They've made a terrible business decision with this switch.

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I agree with this comment 100%. I had the exact same experience.

I absolutely hate the new flavor. After drinking mandarin orange for years, I have been trying different brands to replace it. I was drinking a new brand at lunch the other day. A complete stranger walked by me and asked how I liked the brand because he was looking for something to replace Poland Spring Mandarin Orange.

He hated the new orange product too! Try drinking it Poland Springs before selling it!

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