Poland, Maine

As usual this facility cant do its jobs. Alls they have to is d trlrs 15 min.

They cant even get that right. Sitting here for hours on end then they try to reschedual your appt without telling anyone meanwhilw the trucks are still here waiting fir these obviously over paid people to get dun smoking or is it lunch time again.so they leave Iall the wrk for the nxt shift so all these lds are late detention pay going out for this facility to pay. The employees at poland .me polabd spring are obviously making toomuch $. Telling trucks to come back tomorrow mmabe we'll ld you then...

this doesnt happen at hollis or kingsfeild..this facility is a perfect place to use as a piping outfit since no one here wants to work anyways. Save some $ get rid of all if them .on a good day they dont care how illegal thr lds are that they ship anyways. Constantly sneaking on an extra 2 pallets that arnt on the bills. For dangerously illeagle lds that when caught they wont *** the extra till dot is involved.

. If they cared abut safety at all they would let the carriers use the scale but thats a tabo.

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