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I have been buying it for years Poland Springs end Stop & Shop water the distilled kind both at the same time for some reason tasted horrible and I had to return several bottles this week I am in Massachusetts the Poland Springs tasted so bad I almost threw up there is something rotten going on here in I noticed that the bottles on not selling this week the Stop & Shop brand in the Poland Spring our piling up on the shelves

Product or Service Mentioned: Poland Spring Bottled Water.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I bought 2 gallons of Poland Springs a couple of weeks ago and drank a glass fast because it was cold and I was hot! Afterwards I had this awful bitter taste in my mouth so I dumped the 1st gallon.

I had a burning mouth that lasted THREE days!! My gums were all swollen like I had gingivitis. Until I heard about these resent reports I didn't connect it until I drank a few sips of the other gallon bought at the same time and that was bitter too.

This is RIDICULOUS! We NEED clean water to LIVE!!!!


There is something dreadfully wrong with this water. It doesn't matter where you buy it now, it burns your tongue, leaves a horrible chemically after taste.

The EPA needs to shut them down and test the water, the bottles, the plant their processing the water in and stop letting this poison from flooding the market.

I bought their water so I would not taste anything, it used to be smooth now it's worse than the stuff that comes out of the faucet. POISON SPRINGS.


There is something going on with the water and they would be wise to quickly find out what it is. I usually get mines from Stop and Shop and haven't for about a month.

Usually no problem. Right now I'm afraid to even try the water.

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