Boston, Massachusetts

What's happening lately with "POLAND SPRING" water?? last week I would not drink 3 out of 5 gallons of "POLAND SPRING" purchased due to an awful putrid taste.

Today I bought 10 more gallons and placed one in the refrigerator to chill. When I finally chose to have a refreshing drink, I reached in my fridge and pulled out my new bottle. The taste was so bad I've decided to return my product and never buy "POLAND SPRING" again...Ever! I used to boast about how poland spring was "THE BEST".

Something is definitely wrong here. I hope I haven't been poisoned!!!

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Same problem here, I work out in the field and buy my Poland Spring water by the gallon. For the last month it has been hit and miss whether or not I get the bad tasting water.

One thing I have noticed is that it only happens to me when I buy by the gallon. 1 liter and sports drink size dont have that taste.

I cant identify just what it is, almost like a cross between chlorine or possibly some of the plastic flavor comming from the gallon containers. In any case I am done with Poland Spring water until they rectify this situation.


Don't know what's going on but Poland Spring tastes HORRIBLE. For some reason, although Deer Park and Poland Spring are bottled at the same plant, Deer Park tastes better. Now I have to go out of my way to find other water.


I beleive deer park is bottled by same company as poland spring.


I've been buying the 1 Gallon Poland Spring bottles in Harlem and can barely drink them anymore. They've been getting progressively worse each time. I think I just drank my last bottle.


:cry :eek :zzz :sigh :upset :eek


Not sure where you are located. But I just bought 2 cases from different locations in NJ an the poland springs is horrible!

I always love their water, but out of nowhere the last 2 cases have had a bad taste and have almost seemed thick. Where is the quality control?


We have Deer Park at work and it tastes *** too!


There is certainly something going on lately, it tastes worse than my tap water right now...and my tap water dries orange!


i know ! same here withthe last 3 gallon Poland Spring Water!

what happen? i guess i should try deer park

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