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I had been drinking Poland Spring for years. This summer something changed in all of their water sizes, from the gallon, 16 oz & 8 oz.

At first I had a hard time pinpointing where the bad taste was coming from. I only drink water and it was always Poland Spring. I stopped eating certain foods and was still drinking the water for about 2 weeks. The metallic taste remained, so I thought maybe it was the water.

I stopped drinking the water for some weeks. I don't remember how long exactly but the taste went away. I started drinking Deer Park water and it went away. Out of curiosity I opened an 8 oz bottle about a month later that was sitting in the frig.

I didn't notice anything, I think later that day or the next I had another bottle and that metallic aftertaste was starting to return. I did once again a few month later which was a few days ago. I had no bad taste in my mouth in fact I forgot all about that taste. I saw a bottle in the frig and I tried it and about 2 bottles later, again the taste came back.

This was happening to water I originally got from the supermarket, this was happening to water that was delivered to me because I called to make a complaint and they recommended delivery instead. This was happening with the water my mom was bringing home. This was happening no matter where I got the water so it wasn't because it was left never a bad source that absorbed through the plastic and made the water taste bad.

I only drink deer park now and I have no bad aftertaste. If anyone have notice a aftertaste after drinking several bottles of Poland Spring Water, please share your story because I believe this is happening to others and they just don't know where it's coming from.

Product or Service Mentioned: Poland Spring Bottled Water.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Look into the quality of the water.

Poland Spring Pros: Customer service was great.

Poland Spring Cons: Quality of the water is really bad.

  • Poland Spring Water Aftertaste
  • Poland Spring Water Metallic Tast
  • Poland Spring Metallic Aftertaste
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Same, but the first time I open my water bottle it tastes fine but when I drink it about 2 hours later it gets that metallic taste.


I noticed this too - which is why I googled Poland Springs. It tastes off, a little sharp is the best way I can think to describe it.