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We bought Poland Spring water in Costco in Manhattan on 117st. And the water has strange taste and smell reminding taste of soap.

The date we bought case of Poland Spring water on 1/19/16. Store 1062. We cannot drink this water, because we don't no what this water contains.

This Poland Spring water taste very bed, we all the tame using this water, and newer complained before about quality. We would like to return this water back to Costco and get our money .

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Poland Spring Cons: Taste and smell like soap.

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The bad gallon has an expire date of 11/30/18

Awful taste!!!


There was a recall on this water! Google it.


Hi, we have also noticed a change in the water. We bought gallons at BJS and noticed that the water tasted bad.

I called Poland springs and they did send me a check.

However; I really wanted them to look further into this situation because it isn't normal. Even my 6 year old said the water tasted funny.

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