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Poland Spring - Tastes like gasoline
Poland Spring - Tastes like gasoline
5/31/2020 expiration date - please avoid It tastes like gasoline! It is a Poland spring gallon - will photograph bottle with expiration date and other numbers. It was purchased yesterday at shop rite in Chatham, NJ Taken out of the car immediately and brought into house. Both myself and another member of family tasted it. Last year I had 2 gallons that were bad as well. I am paying $1.38 more then my own water, for Maine water that can be poisonous. The serial number:111818322WF 193 1430 BB 05/31/2020 The 100% water as claimed is incorrect- something is added, or in the gallon. The water needs to have more inspections. I had mixed the bad water in juices and only noticed when most of last tear’s container was close to empty. My son claimed his juice tasted “off” We discontinued drinking it for a while, but my son wanted you the gallons, so we purchased some water. We need to change brands as this water is so unreliable. The company could afford more q/a and better customer service. ———————————————————————————————————-——/————/
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Same experience here. The water tasted so gross and off. Returning it to the store, for sure.


My family got a gallon last week too in this same bottle and it didn't taste right. I tasted like we were drinking the plastic that the bottle came in!

Poland, Maine
I didn't like
  • Customer service
  • Accountability
  • I am afraid there is something harmful in it
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Poland Spring - Seeds in water and it looks like paper or something. I sent you pictures on your Facebook sight

Bought 2 50.7 ounce bottles of your water at WaWa in New Jersey on Saturday. Sunday morning there were bubbles, looked like seeds and paper or some whit foreign object in the bottle. On your Facebook page I sent you pictures. Complained and haven’t heard anything. I started drinking it and it didn’t taste like your water. So I asked my daughter to look at it, no more will I buy your water!!! You haven’t gotten back to me yet? So maybe should report your water?
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Poland Spring in West Springfield Town, Massachusetts - High price bottle water

Why to they continue to sell in BJ store for a high price in Florida?
Advertised vs Delivered
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West Springfield Town, Massachusetts
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Poland Spring - Funny Aftertaste

I order 16.9 oz cases of water for the office. We usually go through 6-8 cases per month and I order every 2 wks. My last order was Jan 17th. The 1st 2 cases were fine but the 3rd was terrible, so we tossed it. The 4th was a *** shoot. My boss mentioned the aftertaste to me on Fri. She thought it was just her and I was thinking it was just me. Now I know we're not crazy! What is going on with the water? We also used to order their Sparking water. But they changed the bottle and the taste changed. Everyone in the office hated it! Now we've got to find another water company- one that tastes like plain old water. Sad
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This company is very bad I’m very frustrated because I ask if they can change the water dispenser and they tell me they will deliver next deliver day and my husband take the day off to wait for them and I call to make shure if they came at the and of the day told me...
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Poland Spring - Plastic tasting water

I recently bought two cases of Poland Spring bottled water (16.9 fluid ounce size). Both cases of water had an awful taste.. like a chemical/ plastic taste . I won’t be purchasing PS anymore.
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Poland Spring - Smells like a sewer

Smells like a sewerAnd taste nasty I am not satisfied with this at all and I always use Poland Spring before and the only reason I bought it is because they ran out of filters for my filter water I’d like to know if there’s any other complaints written about this
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I bought 1 gal of Spring Poland and 365 Spring Water yesterday then today I check that they smell together the same dirty plastic bottle like fuel. I don't understand how it is possible in USA to sell a water bottle that smell like tyres. I also try the 750ml and it...
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Poland Spring - Water taste and smells funny

I bought case of Poland spring water. Every bottle had a funny smell and taste! I never had a problem with Poland spring until this case! I guess I will be switching brands!
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I have found recently that after a bottle has been opened, it will taste foul after a while if left standing. This is true even if it is placed in the refrigerator again. I also tried two bottles straight from the fridge at a local store which had not been opened and...
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Im mortified. My young son was drinking a bottle of Poland Springs water (from a 24 pack ) he nearly swallowed a clear strange ball. What is this? Is he in danger? Is it toxic? Please answer me. What if he had choked?
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Jenny eldred

Update: My son played a terrible trick on me. He had gotten this thing called an orbies (not sure if that's spelled right) and put it in his Poland Springs water bottle. He th...

York, Maine
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