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Poland Spring Bottled Water Review

I bought Poland Spring water from BJ's store in RI, April 2016. I always loved this water and trusted it, HOWEVER it has a very weird taste, and makes me nausaus. Please help!!! Let me know if this is poison, it taste like it!!! It makes me sick! Isn't this water tested?? VERY UPSET CONSUMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'n
Poland Spring Water Review from Pawtucket, Rhode Island
I am very disapointed that you removed the cardboard from the packaging. The bottles dont stand up right they are crooked or just fall over. It is very embarrassing for my guests. I even use the 5 gallon for my water dispenser. I can no longer use the 16.9 oz bottles...
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Really? The lack of cardboard packing is an embarrassment to your guests? Here's a solution; Dump those guests and find replacements who are less fragile.


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