Some strange plastic material in the Poland spring water bottle. On touching, it felt like sticky gooey transparent two halves of a capsule. It was sticky to the fingers and was dissolving on rubbing it. Attached are the pictures of the substance, no idea what it is. Could not find any Poland Spring corporate website to report adverse effect or defect reporting site.

The full pack of 24 bottles was bought from Costco.


Ashu Mehta


P.S. Need to complete 100 words, so just going to add some nonsense here.

Product or Service Mentioned: Poland Spring Bottled Water.

Reason of review: Not sure what I drank, worried about my health..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Poland Spring Cons: Knowing what is in the water.

Location: Parsippany, New Jersey

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Omg we have had the same problem this happen to us two times now July 2020 original and now they want


Did anyone every find out what it was and if it is harmful ?


Sucks ,! Bad chemical taste .FDA should ban it .


Did you ever find out what it was? My son nearly swallowed one exactly like your pictures but bigger in size. We bought a 24 pack from Walmart in Littleton, NH August 2018.


My young son had one of these in his water bottle also Poland Springs I'm mortified. What is this? Do all of the 24 bottles have them?


I just found the same thing in my large bottles oh Kirkland water bottles. What is it???


The phone number is on the bottle. It’s made by Nestle.

They are sending me s shipping label to stand the open bottle with the jelly hoop in it and I am also sending an unopened bottle from the same case of water and they are going to send it to the lab for tesring. To me it looks like a jellyfish.

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