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Used to taste great but gradually tastes like more and more tap water is being used, yes regular tap water. I am very disappointed with this company and their total disregard of this matter.

Seems as though as long as they are prospering nothing is going to change. Please prove me wrong? I used to recommend poland spring water to everyone I knew that were still drinking tap water but not what's the difference. They may as well boil the tap water and use that.

So not only does it taste bad ie.

plastic taste, metallic taste, leaving a bad aftertaste. please don't blame the well.....using the same amount of well water that you use to use will solve the problem in my opinion

Product or Service Mentioned: Poland Spring Bottled Water.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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100% it tastes totally different!


I agree with the opinion expressed by this consumer. I am very disappointed that -after consuming Poland Springs water for over 20 years, the quality has deteriorated so drastically and so suddenly!!

I recently purchased several multiple packs.

I was horrified by the metallic taste and the unpleasant odor, like old stagnant water! I will be returning it to the store.

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