5/31/2020 expiration date - please avoid

It tastes like gasoline!

It is a Poland spring gallon - will photograph bottle with expiration date and other numbers. It was purchased yesterday at shop rite in Chatham, NJ

Taken out of the car immediately and brought into house.

Both myself and another member of family tasted it.

Last year I had 2 gallons that were bad as well. I am paying $1.38 more then my own water, for Maine water that can be poisonous.

The serial number:111818322WF 193 1430 BB 05/31/2020

The 100% water as claimed is incorrect- something is added, or in the gallon.

The water needs to have more inspections. I had mixed the bad water in juices and only noticed when most of last tear’s container was close to empty. My son claimed his juice tasted “off”

We discontinued drinking it for a while, but my son wanted you the gallons, so we purchased some water. We need to change brands as this water is so unreliable.

The company could afford more q/a and better customer service.


Product or Service Mentioned: Poland Spring Bottled Water.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Poland Spring Cons: Toxic taste, I am afraid there is something harmful in it, Customer service, Accountability.

Location: Poland, Maine 04274, United States

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Same experience here. The water tasted so gross and off. Returning it to the store, for sure.


My family got a gallon last week too in this same bottle and it didn't taste right. I tasted like we were drinking the plastic that the bottle came in!


Why do I never see a company respond to these complaints? Are they legitimate or could it be, people against certain water companies ?

because I’m seeing pissed off consumers from all bottled resources....

Does anybody else agree ? How do we know these comments are even true?


Yes they are legitmate. I experienced this.

company employees must be adding pungent smelling chemicals to the water.

They appear to want to hurt or kill customers. The FDA Is being Irresponsible to not to do an Investigation and Massive Recall.

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