Manchester, New Hampshire
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I have always enjoyed poland springs water, until the last few months. Every once in a while a gallon would have a very strong taste to it, infact it would leave an after taste in my mouth, couldn't drink it.

Every week I buy 6 gallons of poland springs water, don't always shop at the same grocery store. This last week I purchased my usual 6 gal. and every jug of it was putrid tasting. This was purchased at our local shurefine store.

Anyway went to hannafords and bought some more poland springs and this is fine. I hate to change brands but I also hate to keep shelling out cash for a product I can't use.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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I bought a gallon of PS today and it taste like a plastic


Agree. I buy the 2.5 gallon still water (not the flavored, carbonated stuff) and at least 1 in 4 jugs smells bad.

Reminiscent of the right-from-the-lake stuff we drank at summer camp as kids in the old days. Fantastic in May. Not so great in August.

Looking for an alternative. I mean, at least arsenic wouldn’t stink, would it?


Water taste like plastic never a problem before but had to trash it what a waste of money.


I’ve always like Poland spring better than any other brand. I usually leave a bottle around do when I’m thirsty I’ll have a drink.

It is not uncommon for me to have the same bottle going for a couple of days. Yesterday, I went to finish s bottle and the water smelled like skunk. Not kidding.

It is horrible. Where can I send that to be tested?


I’ve been buying PS my whole life and just the passed few months I had been experiencing harsh plastic and chemical aftertastes. This has resulted in me getting constant headaches. Very disappointing


The poland spring 16 oz bottles I bought recently all taste bitter. I googled to see if other people have experienced this and sure enough discovered it's not just me. I'm going to use the rest of the bottles as plant water and buy a different brand from now on.


I have the same problem my water has been tasting like plastic also what the heck is going on been getting this water for years never a problem check it out poland spring


I get 5 gallon bottles delivered to the house and last night I was about to change the water when I noticed something on the bottle. When it wouldn’t wipe off I realized it was inside the bottle.

After shining a flashlight through the bottom of the bottle I could see that it was a spider with an egg sack and a web and was attached to the side of the inside of the bottle!!! DO NOT DRINK AND DO NOT BUT ANY PS BOTTLED WATER!!!


I’ve been having the same issue


I buy cases of PS bottled water from Costco monthly and the recent batch gave me a bad aftertaste and slight burning sensation in my throat. First thing obvious was the printed label on the bottles are now darker and the spring source information is somewhat different as compared with a bottle from a previous batch I had. Anyone know were I can send the water to be tested?


Just experienced the same aftertaste and slight burning sensation in my throat. When did the symptoms dissipate?


I be been drinking ps water for years since this July my throat has been burning omg I said to myself let c if others has had any issues sure enough I'm not crazy


Same here they don’t seem to care much. My husbands tongue went numb


Yes, I myself encountered the same... Are we getting the product we are supposed to be getting ????

or is the company Cheating us.

We by our water a cosco ... its awful


Trying to buy some flavored waters


I'm having the same issue. I purchase 10 cases of water.

Most of the cases tasted fine.

The case I opened a few days ago tastes horrible, and, I'm starting to have headaches. Is there anywhere I can go to have the water tested?


We have been buying Poland Spring water by the case for many years, and about a month ago I noticed that the taste has changed. It no longer tastes like fresh clean spring water.

It takes odd, like poor quality tap water. When I read a news article later about a $5M lawsuit against Nestle, owner of PS, because their product is NOT SPRING WATER now, it all made sense. PS water is now just well water, sourced near sites such as dumps, which contaminate ground water. This is fraud!

We drink spring water to avoid contaminants! OMG! Nestle is not a trusted brand, due to their unethical treatment of nursing mothers in developing countries.

Now I feel stupid to have trusted PS under Nestle control. I will never buy PS again!


That's funny because I noticed this exactly a month ago as well. I've been drinking poland spring since I was 7 years old. I'm 19 now.


I just bought a 2.5 gal of Poland spring at a grocery store in Brooklyn and it tasted kind of like milk, what a bizarre taste for water. It was wasteful buying AND getting rid of it. Not sure if I’ll buy Poland Spring again.


Just had a half liter bottle of Poland Springs at a familiar restaurant - the water tasted like it was spiked with vodka, leaving a bitter after taste. It wasn’t undrinkable, but I hope to wake up alive tomorrow save for some unknown contaminant.