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I have always enjoyed poland springs water, until the last few months. Every once in a while a gallon would have a very strong taste to it, infact it would leave an after taste in my mouth, couldn't drink it.

Every week I buy 6 gallons of poland springs water, don't always shop at the same grocery store. This last week I purchased my usual 6 gal. and every jug of it was putrid tasting. This was purchased at our local shurefine store.

Anyway went to hannafords and bought some more poland springs and this is fine. I hate to change brands but I also hate to keep shelling out cash for a product I can't use.

Monetary Loss: $12.

Location: Manchester, New Hampshire

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I just bought 2 gallons of Poland Spring from a local store here in NJ and both have a strong chemical and/or metallic odor and a strange taste. Something is very wrong.

I usually buy Deer Park water because it tastes the best to me but the store was out of it. This water sucks.


same here.. However, I've been buying from the local corner store for quite some time now but this is the first time I've experienced a metallic taste. There is definitely something going on here.


I just switched out an older bottle that tasted of chemical ... I've now replaced it with a brand new from delivery person 6-gallon and it STILL tastes bad.

I even went so far as to drain out some of the water from the previous jug. I have a feeling poland springs has a lot of water that has been sitting for quite a long time with covid etc and they are trying to circulate it out ...

none of the people in my office want to drink it. Honesty I drank quite a bit earlier b/c i was super thirsty but now my stomach has been giving me trouble.


I just bought 3 gallons of Poland Spring from the Sunoco gas station in Wappingers Falls, NY and they had a chemical taste that you could smell just from opening the lid! I chose to feel dehydrated until the grocery stores opened rather that drink that nasty chemical water.


Same! We buy 3 cases at a time and I opened 4 different bottles thinking maybe one was bad but all of them have a bad metal taste I thought maybe it was me but my son opened a bottle and said same thing


The Poland Spring water we have been buying in the 24 packs has been having a machine oil taste to it...I thought it was just me but my son mentioned it and after seeing these comments I hope all of us won't end up with health issues from it.

@Keli Rqy

Has anyone contacted Poland Spring to see if they will give refund/coupon? We should get the water tested ourselves but we are reluctant because of the cost that we shouldn't have to bear.


Just bought 6gal case at Bjs in Ny of Poland Spring. It tastes terrible.

not like it usually does. Will be calling Monday to find out what's going on.


I have had some mouth/under tongue swollen issues I believe its from drinking PS and I did notice since last year the taste of Poland Spring water has changed. Very sad since I like it.


Here in NYC and the last 3 gallons I've purchased have the same taste people are describing. Almost has a gasoline aftertaste!!

Kinda nervous after seeing these comments - I'm throwing away and not purchasing again. Was there an oil spill near their source somewhere??


let Poland springs know their water tastes terrible. go to https://www.polandspring.com/contact-us


Same here! Taste like heavy plastic and last night left my mouth salty and dry.

Strong disgusting taste we purchase from multi sources does not matter.

I would say half of what we buy is undrinkable. Some stronger than others.


I had the SAME happening with me now! The exact same taste and feel!!


I bought 6 2.5 gallon jugs right before Thanksgiving. All of them taste horrible.

I've been drinking Poland spring for a number of years and I really don't think im going to buy it again. This was in Red Bank NJ at super Foodtown.


Ok so I'm not nuts...... i never experienced the awful taste in Poland spring water before today.

I see from all the posting it is very common. I guess I'll find another brand. I live in an area with very high mineral and lime content in our tap water which ruins appliances.

I really wonder what chemical is causing the bad taste. Has this water been tested?


I have been having the same issue over the past year. Might switch brands...


I bought 4 gallons from a Stop & Shop in NJ about a week ago. I opened one & noticed the taste was bad - like a toxic/plastic taste.

So I dumped it down the drain. Opened a 2nd one and same thing. I am returning the other unopened ones tomorrow.

It's not worth paying the extra price for this supposed "spring water". I may as well stick with the Stop & Shop brand for half the price.


Same thing happened to me. Bought two gallons from Wegmans in NJ. Awful chemical and plastic smell and taste.


I bought a case of poland spring water bottles at walmart in hudson nh today. It smells like chemicals.

A very long time ago i bought mini bottles that had what looked like crumbled concrete in a few. If you call you only get a coupon for more of their stinky water...


I bought a gallon of PS today and it taste like a plastic

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