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I have always enjoyed poland springs water, until the last few months. Every once in a while a gallon would have a very strong taste to it, infact it would leave an after taste in my mouth, couldn't drink it.

Every week I buy 6 gallons of poland springs water, don't always shop at the same grocery store. This last week I purchased my usual 6 gal. and every jug of it was putrid tasting. This was purchased at our local shurefine store.

Anyway went to hannafords and bought some more poland springs and this is fine. I hate to change brands but I also hate to keep shelling out cash for a product I can't use.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Yes, I myself encountered the same... Are we getting the product we are supposed to be getting ????

or is the company Cheating us.

We by our water a cosco ... its awful


Trying to buy some flavored waters


I'm having the same issue. I purchase 10 cases of water.

Most of the cases tasted fine.

The case I opened a few days ago tastes horrible, and, I'm starting to have headaches. Is there anywhere I can go to have the water tested?


We have been buying Poland Spring water by the case for many years, and about a month ago I noticed that the taste has changed. It no longer tastes like fresh clean spring water.

It takes odd, like poor quality tap water. When I read a news article later about a $5M lawsuit against Nestle, owner of PS, because their product is NOT SPRING WATER now, it all made sense. PS water is now just well water, sourced near sites such as dumps, which contaminate ground water. This is fraud!

We drink spring water to avoid contaminants! OMG! Nestle is not a trusted brand, due to their unethical treatment of nursing mothers in developing countries.

Now I feel stupid to have trusted PS under Nestle control. I will never buy PS again!

to Anonymous #1673094

That's funny because I noticed this exactly a month ago as well. I've been drinking poland spring since I was 7 years old. I'm 19 now.


I just bought a 2.5 gal of Poland spring at a grocery store in Brooklyn and it tasted kind of like milk, what a bizarre taste for water. It was wasteful buying AND getting rid of it. Not sure if I’ll buy Poland Spring again.


Just had a half liter bottle of Poland Springs at a familiar restaurant - the water tasted like it was spiked with vodka, leaving a bitter after taste. It wasn’t undrinkable, but I hope to wake up alive tomorrow save for some unknown contaminant.


I've had the same problem on two incidents. Brought 20oz bottle of water at my jobs vending machine once in October and now today again I am tasting a bad rusted taste, like the water is going through rusted pipes.

It's leaveing a bad lingering taste in my mouth. Thinking about getting a home kit to test the quality of the water.


Hi folks - I've been buying PS for years now (usually in five gallon jugs for a dispenser). Gave up on their delivery service and started buying the 1 gal and 2.5 gal jugs as needed.

I'm disgusted - almost every one has tasted like melted PLASTIC. Super toxic. Please do not drink these. By the way, PS is not actual spring water.

They are owned by NESTLE. Not hard to imagine what's going on here.


I have noticed the same, in the past few months! I always get it at Whole Foods, and mostly it's fine, but every now and then I get a bottle that taste sort of fruity...as if I'd left a glass of water in the fridge for a few days, without a lid!

Awful! I force myself to drink it, when it's all I have.


I don't buy it by the gallon. I buy it in the plastic 20 oz sized bottles.

Bottles of water from a recently purchased case of Poland Springs water tasted sweet for some reason My wife and daughter told me this. They don't want to drink the rest of the case and are asking me to buy more Poland Spring water.

I am not going to like it if this case has the same problem. I don't like buying water for starters since our tap water is great but buying Poland Spring water that my family won't drink is really going to upset me!!


Omg, I have this experience with the water bought in BJs. It tastes like soap and when I smelled it , especially when the water was not cold it smelled like plastic.

I just bough a liter of Poland Spring from regular deli and it tasted fine.

It has to do with the plastic. The one from BJs is extremely thin and probably produced at different plant.


I have found the same problem!!! I bought them in Massachusetts at Stop & Shop on August 12th and they taste horrible.

I bought 8 of them. I was going to call the store today & ask what to do with them. They taste like off gassing of the plastic chemicals?? Not sure what it is, but my sister and I both said it kind of had a burning feeling in our throats.

I would like to get a refund. I've drank Poland Springs for many years and never came across this.

I googled it just now and saw your post. Bummer.


I just bought a bottle of Poland Spring that tasted so bad I had to throw it out Strong horrible chemical taste. What is going on?


i purchased Poland spring water from Bjs in Dedham Ma. The16.9oz size.

And when I opened the first one I thought it was just me, but the second bottle also has a bad chemical smell and taste. I called them @1800-477-7464 and the woman said not to drink the water and I asked if the water was safe, because my children are at summer camp with this water. She says they recommend not to drink it.

DO NOT BUY POLAND SPRING WATER!!!! They only asked about the bar code number.


My Poland Spring Water smells and tastes like tap water too.


my poland springs gallon tastes like VANILLA. very unsettling, to say the least.


Always enjoyed PS water - tasted clean, fresh, sweet. Lately it tastes like ordinary tap water.Will no longer buy Poland Springs and will tell my friends to not buy it -


I thought it was just me, googled and all these complaints popped up. Won’t be buying PS anymore, this week alone I had to throw away 3 bottles.

I’m pregnant and sometimes it throws your tastebuds off, but glad to know it’s not my imagination. My bottles taste like poison...


I've been using Poland Springs for years and now it tastes like tap water. I will have to look for a new brand.

I have Sjogren's and this is the only water that didn't make the dry mouth worse. What a shame.

Companies keep raising prices and dropping quality. Don't they know that is how you lose customers?

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