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I received the "new" cooler 3 days ago and the hot water spigot does not work (no hot water) and the cold spigot does not disperse cold water. Also, Poland Springs has screwed up my checking account billing me with different amounts every month.

I am EXTREMELY displeased with Poland Springs ! I will call to report this problem to Poland Springs TODAY ! This is NOT the first issue I've had with this company either. The first delivery they gave me an OLD unit which had a blue spigot for the cold water and a black spigot for the hot water which should have been a red spigot.

I could see that this unit was previously used and I should have received a brand new unit. VERY UNHAPPY with Poland Springs for sure !

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Poland Spring Pros: Customer service area.

Poland Spring Cons: Receiving a faulty and used unit.

  • water delivery
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There is a switch in the back tp turn on your hot water. It is a safety mechanism. Also, the hot water spigot requires ypu to push back then down - again for your protection.

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