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We just purchased various sizes of Poland Spring water and everyone in the family is complaining about how bad it tastes, almost like a fruity old taste, especially for the new size ones that the children have been bringing to school in their backpacks.

Maybe they should take them off the market and test them.. something is definitely wrong!

I know that they make all other sorts of flavored products, so maybe there is some cross contamination?

Let's hope it's just that! I know that in the past there were many recalls for e-coli presence, so I am hoping that we will not get sick from having drunk it so far!

Product or Service Mentioned: Poland Spring Bottled Water.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $10.

Poland Spring Cons: Taste and quality of the water.

Location: Clifton, New Jersey

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Not only have I noticed a change in taste in the past month or so, but I've switched to their distilled water about a year ago. Yesterday, to my horror, I discovered they have a new "look".

When you look closer at the ingredients, it's all from municipal sources! It even says now it's ment for "small appliances", translation: Not for drinking!!???!!!

In my horror, I got their regular "spring" water and I can taste chlorine. Whatever it is I'm tasting, can't be good.

I'm livid. Am very poor, and buy their water if it's my last cent. I've now a feeling that the *** Britta might be safer to drink than their drek.

Something must must must be done. Their water definitely demands being tested!

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