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If you are having poor customer service...I know why. I used to work at Poland Springs in Poland and they treat their production workers with the same mind set, no respect, if your part of the good ol boy club your all set, if not poor you.

The complaining customer is not part of the good ol boy club soooo your out. They take short cuts in their machine processes and maintenance to keep things going and have thinned out their bottles for the sake of the "environment" or should I say bottom line. They run understaffed and when it comes to the holidays forget it. Even though the plant shuts down on Thanksgiving they beg people to please "help us out".

Help who exactly? Themselves to make themselves look good to their bosses. The folks in production are forced yes forced to work overtime every week all year long, family does not matter, your plans you have had for months do not matter. I could go on but what's the point.

Ohhhh Yeah when they have a bad batch of water in one of their huge storage tanks they dump thousands of gallons of water on the floor, then they flush it again and sometimes a third time. So for those of you complaining about low wells...there's part of your problem right there.

They put on a good face to the public but like I said, they only care about themselves at Poland Spring Bottling in Poland ME. I cannot comment about the other facilities as I have never been there.

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don't worry, its the same things in hollis as well

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