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Due to my dietary needs, I drink approx 1 gallon of water daily. I usually drink the water directly from the gallon bottle.

Have had to switch from Poland Spring gallon to a different brand a few months ago due to a very chemical taste and chemical smell from Poland Spring. I was getting them from my local dollar store and immediately discontinued use and started buying a generic grocery store brand instead, which tasted like natural water. A few days ago,I asked my son to pick me up some water and he bought me 6 gallons of Poland Spring. I am very disappointed to report that many months later, the problem is the same.

The water has a very metallic/chemical taste and both the water and bottle smells horrid. Very "plastic-y" very chemical.

I opened all 6 gallon jugs purchased by my son, and both my son and husband agree the taste and odor are not normal for bottled water. Shame on this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Poland Spring Bottled Water.

Reason of review: Bad quality.


Poland Spring Cons: Toxic taste.

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I have read all the reviews here regarding Poland Spring- “Spring” Water delivered to my home by the Nestle Water Co. I’ve been a loyal customer since 2003, we have been receiving 8- of the 5 gallon bottles of what I thought was pure, clean, “SPRING” water, approximately every 8 weeks.

This past year while my husband was drinking a glass of Poland “Spring” water, he noticed a strong chemical taste and smell from what we had been lead to believe was “pure spring” water. At that time I definitely took note of what my husband had told me. What I didn’t realize was just how DANGEROUS this was to our health. I should’ve gone online immediately and read about ALL the LAWSUITS FILED AGAINST NESTLE WATERS SINCE APPROXIMATELY 2002 AND BEYOND.

Lawsuits stating that (and I quote) Poland “Spring” Water DOES NOT CONTAIN A SINGLE DROP OF “SPRING” WATER. I urge everyone that drinks Poland “SPRING” water to please go online and read about the lawsuits. All of us are victims of what is a terrible SCAM. There is no other way to describe this.

Obviously Nestle Waters owes us all money, for selling whatever THIS is- which most definitely is not “SPRING” water. Here are the FACTS of what happened to my husband and to me: Recently we had our usual bloodwork done by our trusted physician of over 30 years. The results of both my husband’s and my lab results were nothing less than shocking. Our physician informed us that BOTH of us had extremely HIGH levels of ALUMINUM in our blood.

Thankfully our doctor tested us for heavy metals, or we would not have any way to know this vital, life threatening, important information. Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s Disease among many other serious heath problems. We gave this shocking news a great deal of thought. What could we have been exposed to that would cause us to both have elevated levels of ALUMINUM?

After giving this a great deal of consideration- going over everything we eat, drink, or have come in contact with we found a common source that we feel can be the ONLY cause. The POLAND “SPRING” water we both drink. Immediately we stopped drinking Poland “Spring” water. I called Nestle Waters to inform them I wanted all the 5 gal.empty bottles and the 5 gal.

bottles that remain filled, sealed and unopened to be picked up. The customer service person I had the great displeasure to speak with- named Fletcher, asked me “why” “what is the reason?” I was honest and told him the reason. Fletcher told me “that is impossible you’re receiving “SPRING” water nothing is added to it- it’s 100% ALL natural.” I told him he’s quite ill informed and needs to read about the many lawsuits and complaints that have been filed against the company he works for. Fletcher continued to argue with me.

I simply wanted the bottles picked up, he then told me I would be charged for all the sealed, unopened water bottles. I asked him what the reason is for this- especially since we have been excellent customers for many years and have not done anything wrong. In actuality Nestle Waters is responsible for causing us both very serious health problems. Thanks to POLAND “SPRING” water we will need to have ongoing monitoring and testing of our blood, bones and also our brains.

In short, Nestle Waters’ product- Poland “Spring” water has caused both of us to have elevated levels of aluminum, which, as I mentioned above, is known to cause many serious health conditions. Most notably aluminum exposure is named as a culprit in Alzheimer’s Disease. Yet this “customer service” person, Fletcher, continued to argue with me. I have taken the time to write this in the hope of preventing anyone from going through what we are now going through.

I thought I was protecting my family, instead, foolishly year after year, as I trusted Nestle Waters we all were drinking Poland “Spring” water, I used this water for coffee, for our much loved pets to drink, for cooking, for absolutely everything. Many of you on here, have written about noticing a chemical odor, or that the water had a “strange” taste that was “off.” Others have stated that the plastic allows odors from other products placed near or next to a bottle of this water- that will then permeate the plastic which apparently absorbs these noxious odors affecting the taste of the water. (Sorry to sound disgusting) I read here- someone said she had given her child what she thought was a bottle of water- instead most regrettably- it was a bottle that actually contained urine. Of course that is just sad, sick yes, but so sad that anyone would commit anything so awful and disgusting.

Many people have stated they’ve seen ‘particles’, some barely noticeable, other ‘particles’ are larger, floating in the water. And yet another (yes, gross disgusting story) person stated they saw a spider complete with egg sac and web inside a closed, sealed 5 gal. water bottle. Please don’t disregard any strange, chemical, plastic type of “off” taste.

If you’re reading this I highly recommend that you go online and read “Nestle Waters Lawsuits.” You can Google it or use any of the search engines. The lawsuits against Nestle Waters began many years ago, back in 2003- by that time the company was being investigated for the FACT that Poland “Spring” in Maine, IS NOT NOW, AND NEVER HAS BEEN, A SPRING HAS NEVER BEEN ACTUALLY EVER SEEN BY ANYONE. What has been revealed is this, what has been and continues to be sold as Poland “Spring” water is nothing more in actuality than disgusting filthy “ground water” which happens to be located in “densely populated areas.” These areas are near (within feet) dumping areas for: human waste, including dumping grounds for mines, (not surprisingly aluminum mines) and near other industrial waste sites. This is called “SPRING” water?

It took many years to get the FDA to go to Maine and see for themselves there isn’t an actual “SPRING.” My husband and I are sharing our experience to prevent anyone else from getting aluminum or any other heavy metal toxicity due to drinking POLAND “SPRING” water.

Heavy metal testing can be performed as a urine test or as a blood test. The water can be tested as well with a heavy metal testing kit.

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