The worst ever water cooler. Broke down in 7 months.

Leaked all over my floor and garage ceiling. NO help from the company. I called and emailed but got no response at all. I even contacted BJ's where I purchased the "product" but they were of no help.

Quite simply, avoid the Haier product line like the plague. Terrible product and terrible company. Shame on them!!! I am in the process of looking into a quality water cooler company.

I was trying to avoid Poland Springs because its prices are higher than most - but maybe the old adage pertains here: you get what you pay for and Haier products are garbage. Mine is on the curb and I'm out $130.

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the water cooler i also had started to leak and run hot/loud around 7 months it first started leaking in the middle of night so good thing i was able to get the piece of *** outside, poland springs water coolers are very low quality and is not stable what so ever.

to polandspring***ks Hicksville, New York, United States #739294

Just a cracked bottle not the water cooler put a new bottle on

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