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I've bought the mandarin orange flavor for years, refreshing taste, wonderful. Now you changed the flavor, it's has a fake taste to it. I ill not purchase anymore, the taste is awful. Would love you to bring back original flavor.

Hate the new orange flavor, {{Redacted}} hate the new orange flavor!!!!!

Sorry for the repetition but would not let me post with less than 100 words.


Product or Service Mentioned: Poland Spring Bottled Water.

Reason of review: Flavor change.

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The lime flavor still tastes the same so I’ve been buying them :)


I hate the new orange flavor as well. Here is their response:Google+CalendarWebmoreResponse from POLAND SPRINGS Case ID: 28237062PPolandSpring@casupport.comto meJul 4DetailsHi Chris,We apologize for the delay in responding to your email.We're sorry the new Orange Flavor Poland Spring Brand Sparkling Water missed the mark for you.

That disappoints us, too.We did decide to give our flavors a little fine tuning to better balance the taste. Our new flavors are designed to deliver a more natural, fresh-picked and aromatic taste in comparison to the original flavors!We do test our products with consumers prior to introducing them into the marketplace; however, we also recognize that individual preferences differ and will be happy to report your comments to our product development team.Have a great day!Margaret FrankConsumer Satisfaction Ambassador


I just bought 3 cases of the 1qt bottles and was pissed to find out the flavoring had changed. I like the new bottle design, but the new flavor is AWFUL... I've been buying this stuff for 10 years, but no more after today.


Couldn't agree more! The new "orange" flavor doesn't taste like orange at all and instead has that cough syrup like flavor.

I get changing the bottle design but they've made a HUGE mistake by changing the flavor. I'll never buy this again!


I agree. The new flavors are terrible. Time to switch to another water.


I also HATE the orange flavor, so fake tasting, YUK! We bought the mandarin orange for many years and drank it daily as our primary drink!!!!!!!

AAAGGGHHHH. What were you thinking? I'm sure there were many customers for this. I don't understand why a company would discontinue a popular , good selling item.

It seems like a very bad business decision to me. You have lost a good customer and now I have to find something I like.

Someone at Poland Springs needs to hear this from your lost customers. Bad decision people!

@Lynn DeGlor

I’m going to call their customer support line to complain. Maybe if enough people do it they will bring mandarin orange back! The number is 18004777464.

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